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A bracelet and chain set is a chic combination of two commonly worn jewelry pieces. Aside from greatly enhancing your look, there are several benefits to enjoy from rocking this jewelry. Moreover, it's common knowledge that the beauty of fashion is variety. Hence, this article will discuss why bracelets and chain sets  are beneficial and some options to consider from our store. Let's get started.


Benefits of Bracelet and Chain Sets

Though it may apply to other types, these benefits are specific to stainless steel bracelets and chain sets. They include:

  • They are eco-friendly.
  • They are safe to wear on any kind of skin.
  • They are not prone to rust or tarnish.
  • They are available in a variety of designs, for instance, blue stainless and black stainless bracelets and chain sets.
  • It can be worn by any gender.
  • They are long-lasting.


Silver Stainless Steel Double Curb Chain and Bracelet Set

These jewelry pieces add boldness to your look because of their double-chain design. It's perfect for casual or party wear. The thickness of the chain and bracelet makes it unique. It's a piece of statement jewelry because it will draw attention. It's best combined with a subtle outfit.

Silver Stainless Steel 8mm Curb Chain and Bracelet Set

This jewelry is 2mm less in width than the double curb chain and bracelet set, but it's bold enough. Because of the neutral tone of its silver color, it can combine well with any color of cloth. Though it can work for different occasions, it's best worn to a party or a casual event.

Silver Stainless Steel 8mm Mariner Chain and Bracelet Set

The mariner chain and bracelet set look similar to the double curb chain and bracelet set. However, there is a difference. There is more space between the chain links. It's ideal for a party or casual setting. Its unique look adds sophistication to your outfit.

Gold Stainless Steel 8mm Byzantine Chain and Bracelet Set

This is a piece of classic statement jewelry, more so because it's plated with gold ions. These pieces of jewelry are not only heavy but crafted with intricate details. The thickness and color of this jewelry add boldness and brightness to your outfit. It's the perfect party jewelry. Its detailed design makes it fit to be a museum exhibit.

Black Stainless Steel 8mm Curb Chain and Bracelet Set

This is basically the same as the second chain and bracelet set on the list. The difference is this one was plated with black ions. The idea behind this jewelry set is variety. For instance, people who love black can rock this. Black jewelry always looks unique and stands out. They add elegance, class, and uniqueness to your appearance. It can be worn with any outfit.

Blue Stainless Steel Denim Fade Collection Curb Cuban Chain and Bracelet Set

This has to be the most unique-looking chain and bracelet set. How many times do you see blue jewelry? Rarely. These pieces of jewelry were designed to draw attention despite their slim build. They were plated with blue ions, hence their blue color. Wearing this jewelry will give you a striking look. It matches perfectly with casual wear, especially denim. You can wear it for casual and semi-formal events.


These jewelry are just a few of what INOX jewelry store offers.

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