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If you're a novice to jewelry fashion, perhaps you aren't familiar with gunmetal jewelry pieces. Or you may have seen them quite often but didn't realize it. Gunmetal jewelry gives off a dark vibe, and it's a statement accessory that you should wear to complement your outfit. Gunmetal jewelry pieces are versatile because they can go with either vibrant or neutral/dark colors.

For instance, you can pair your gunmetal jewelry with bright-colored stones for contrast. Alternatively, you can rock it with dark colors for accent. Gunmetal versatility also extends to its forms. There are gunmetal rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. Let's look at some top picks.

Black Stainless Steel Chiseled Gunmetal Ring

This ring has a unique look that's so memorable; it's the kind of jewelry piece you think about long after seeing it. This gunmetal band has a matte finish. It's a product of exquisite crafting. Its chiseled body earns it a partial resemblance to a car's tire. This is the kind of ring you can wear with any outfit and on any occasion.

However, its slightly rugged look makes it better suited for parties and casual events. If you want to give off a dark and confident vibe, this is the ring to wear.

Silver Stainless Steel Gunmetal Chain Bracelet

This is the ideal piece of jewelry for bracelet lovers who want to experiment with gunmetal jewelry. It's an all-rounder; you can wear it indoors, at work, or to a party. The chain bracelet is interlinked and equipped with a push-button closure. If you love attention, wearing this will give you just that.

It also greatly complements your clothes, be it formal or casual. Imagine wearing this power bracelet with a well-tailored suit to a dinner event. You will have the ladies swooning, and you'll also have the men staring with admiration and a twinge of envy.

Black & Silver Stainless Steel Gunmetal Skull Pendant

Do you want to ooze bad boy vibes or feel secure in the confidence that a piece of bad-ass jewelry gives? Then this gunmetal skull pendant should be hanging around your neck. This skull pendant was made from stainless steel and gunmetal and plated with black ions. Not exactly pretty, but striking enough to draw repeated glances.

To top it off, it has an antique finish which puts it among the rarest of jewelry pieces. Keep this bomber for parties.

Black Stainless Steel Gunmetal Inlaid Ring

This is one of the unique rings you can find anywhere. While you may often see inlaid rings or black stainless steel jewelry, seeing a piece of jewelry that embodies both physical qualities is a rarity. The dark tone of this statement ring gives it a look that oozes silent elegance. Fortunately, you can wear it anywhere and with anything.

Silver Gunmetal Skull Bangle Cuff

This list won't be complete without a bangle cuff. Its look is typical of skull jewelry; not pretty but striking and rugged. This jewelry piece has an antique finish, combined with its form as a bangle cuff, making it incredibly rare.

The front of this piece has three skulls evenly spread across. Rock this with your party wear and get heads turning in your direction. You can thank us later.

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