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Bead bracelets are one of the most common work types of bracelets. They are beautiful and stylish. However, if you don't know what you're doing or how to combine bead bracelets, you may look weird. There are numerous ways to style bead bracelets, and the simple hack to getting it right is knowing bead bracelets that go well together.

They come in different colors, styles, and patterns. They also come in different materials, which combine well with each other. So if you intend to wear more than one bead bracelet on your wrist, which is very likely, let's find out bead bracelets that complement each other.

1.   Bone Beads & Ceramic Beads

The bone bead is a unique type of bead used for making bead bracelets, and it's popular in the bead-making industry. A lot of jewelry manufacturers produce bone beads to have varying designs. They even fashion bone beads into other forms other than bracelets. Some are also produced via natural processes such as carving and lashing. Bone beads are tough.

On the other hand, ceramic beads are manufactured using ceramic material and, of course, clay. The nature of the ceramic material usually gives this bead a beautifully glazed surface or finish. Its physical properties include a strong resistance to wear and friction, electrical insulation, and toughness.

The earthy feel of bone beads perfectly complements the glassy feel of ceramic beads.

2.   Hematite Beads & Lava Beads

Hematite beads have been used by jewelry makers for as long as human history can recall. These beads are made from iron ore. Hematite beads are natural stones strongly believed to have healing properties and rid your home of negative energies.

It's a semiprecious bead that stimulates focus and concentration as well as thought enhancement. For this reason, hematite beads are regarded as mind stones.

Lava beads are basically igneous rocks, which means they originate from molten rock. As the name implies, they are the end product of cooled lava from volcano eruptions. Lava beads are usually black, porous, and solid. The porosity of these beads makes them light and incredibly easy to wear.

Like hematite beads, they give off positive qualities such as strength and reduce negative energies such as anger. For a practical tip, you can pair bracelets like Copper Bead Bracelet with Black and Brown Hematite with Black & Gold Molten Lava Bead Bracelet.

3.   Jasper Beads & Agate Beads

Jasper Beads are manufactured from a rock that comprises minerals such as microcrystalline quartz, chalcedony, etc. These natural ingredients are responsible for the patterns and colors you see in jasper beads. They are popular because of their calming qualities; they are believed to bring tranquility and sustain people through a period of stress.

On the flip side, Agate beads or crystals are made from the accumulation of silica-concentrated groundwater in empty pockets of rocks. The process of formation takes several millennia. Agate beads give a soothing vibe, and it's believed to have a cleansing aura. It harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit.

A practical way to combine the calming qualities of jasper beads and the harmonizing qualities of Agate beads is by pairing bracelets like Silver Stainless Steel Jasper Bead Bracelet with Black Agate with Blue Sodalite and Snowflake Stone Bead Bracelet.

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