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When we talk about ring varieties, we ought to mention that just as there are very popular rings, there are also those rings that you may have never heard of, not to mention wearing them, which is why we're talking about this unique piece of jewelry. It's a standout indeed because of its multicolored appearance. We might also call it a statement piece because it never fails to draw attention to its wearer.

At this point, we're sure your curiosity has gotten the better of you. One of the best stores to shop for Mokume Gane rings is the INOX jewelry store. Before we delve into the recommended options, you should know what these rings are.

What are Mokume Gane Rings?

Simply put, these bands are created from the fusion of various metal layers. These metal layers are now twisted or interwoven to form visually appealing patterns. It will also help you to know that Mokume Gane rings come in varieties. There are solid Mokume Gane rings and Mokume Gane Inlay rings. The latter has Mokume Gane patterns on the surface of the band, which is forged from another metal itself. We'll be focusing more on the latter.

Qualities of Mokume Gane Rings

The visual appeal and uniqueness are just some of the qualities that these jewelry pieces have going for them. There are even more important qualities that you should know about.


When it comes to how long a ring should last, Mokume Gane rings rank on the higher side. With proper care, these rings last for many years at an end.


The ring isn't weighty in the slightest. It weighs just a few grams, making it a snug fit for your fingers. You can wear this ring for hours and barely register the weight.

Not Prone to Tarnish or Rust

With proper care, this ring will still look as good as new, even after several years of use. This is because the titanium band and Mokume Gane itself have excellent resistance to tarnish or rust.

Resistant to Cracking

This ring has excellent tensile properties, so you can forget about it cracking. It can withstand tremendous pressure with ease and still look intact.

Mokume Gane Rings from INOX

Here are a couple of recommendations from the INOX store:

Raindrop Pattern Mokume Gane Inlay Titanium Ring

This ring has rose & black-ion plating. Every inch of its band is designed with an intricate, multicolour pattern. It comes in a couple of size varieties (18 & 20).

Woodgrain Pattern Mokume Gane Inlay Titanium Ring

What we love about this jewelry piece is that it has those patterns you see on wooden surfaces. Its width is 9 mm, and it comes in a couple of sizes (18 & 20). It looks very similar to the raindrop-patterned ring.

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