October 20, 2022 2 min read

When it comes to neck chains, there’s a list of types and styles. While some of them are suitable for pendants, others stand out when worn alone. A few of these are also a good choice for layering.

INOX has a plethora of men’s chain options ranging from link chains and box chains to diamond cuts, rope styles, and more.

Even within the link chain category, there are sub-types like round links, flat links, and square links, among others.

But Boston links are going to be the main character of our discussion today.

What are Boston link chains, and how are they different from other link chains?

Boston link chains have a flat and collected design where the links merge into each other neatly. A mechanical process called wedging is used, where a hammer dies, elongates the links, and gives them the desired shape and an alluring profile.

These links are rectangular and have an appealing finish. They are sturdy and impressive. Some people confuse Boston link chains with C, but the latter have curved links instead.

While C-link chains are better when worn alone, Boston Chain links are attractive enough to be carried as they are or can be paired with pendants.

Now that you have understood the difference check out these stunning pieces from INOX Jewelry:

Oxidized Finish Silver Stainless Steel 3mm Boston Link Chain

This one is a perfect pick for the fans of the distinctive shadow effect offered by oxidized jewelry. The antique finish and feels of this chain are its USPs. A black patina is given to silver stainless steel for this edgy look.

You can pair it up with a not-so-heavy antiqued finish arrowhead pendant or a gunmetal dog tag pendant. This will go along with your minimalist work look or daily casuals.

18K Gold Plated 3mm Boston Link Chain

The magnificence of golden links is unparalleled. This sleek gold-plated link chain is a lightweight, comfy, daily wear, and bewitching chain to rock your party looks.

It will add charm to your masculine side even when worn alone. Pair it with your favorite formals, semi-formals, or even traditional. This one is an all-rounder piece to compliment any of your outfits.

Silver Stainless Steel 3mm Boston Link Chain

With a shiny charisma of silver stainless steel and precise design, this one is suitable to be your staple piece of jewelry every day.

You can add a dog tag or a bullet pendant to get that brawnier look.

Depending on your build, you can choose from the available different chain sizes of 22 inches, 24 inches, and 26 inches. The chains are made of non-toxic materials and are safe for sensitive skin. Top-notch material and light on your pocket to give you maximum value for your money.

The maintenance is not high. You have to avoid exposure to perfumes, harsh detergents, and like. Clean these chains with a soft brush and use mild soapy cold water.

Do try these Boston link chains and feel the elevated look it gives to your personality. Happy Shopping!

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