October 01, 2020 2 min read

Rings are a mood. Rings are about energies. Rings are an expression of love and personality.

Who doesn’t like wearing rings?

It is kind of a basic essential accessory these days. We carry them as per our moods, occasions or just preferences. Here’s a quick insight on different styles of men’s rings.

 Men's Rings

For the ones who have decided on their ‘forevers’

Newly found love? Just engaged? Looking for some couple goals? You can have an engagement or promise ring. What can be more beautiful than such rings to signify your love and commitment? Have a look at this bewitching Silver Stainless Steel Bradley Double Stacked Mesh Ring. The double-stack is the hack for a smile that will last for a while.

For the ones who have already tied the knot, wedding bands are the new cool. These look elegant and can be worn to your workplace every day since these are not too flashy or sheeny. Like this Silver Titanium 5mm Fancy Groove Border Band Ring. Sophistication aplenty!

For the ones who like a religious touch

Do you like to be surrounded by some good vibes and positive energies? Religious rings are your thing, and those rings can be classy as well. You will definitely fall for this Gold and Silver Stainless Steel Prayer Ring. It’s a meticulous piece spreading positivity like confetti!

For the ones who want it edgy

Fashion savvy men who want statement and edgy rings, we feel you, too. That’s why we have a perfect pick for you. The Gold, Black & Silver Stainless Steel Banded Greek Key Ring. It has the Greek key (also called Meander art) design on it. The Greek key stands for infinity, the eternal flow. It is something ultra-cool, fancy and with a deep meaning attached to it. You are crushing over it, aren’t you?

For the ones who like it simple with unparalleled quality

Some people like it simple and basic but prefer good materials for ultimate comfort and superior quality. You can opt for Titanium Rings, Carbon Fiber Rings or Silicone Rings based on your preferences. Titanium is said to reduce any kind of muscle pain and also improve metabolism! Check out the Black Stainless Steel & Silver Titanium Border Glossy Band Ring. You’ll love the finish and the appeal. Plus it is going to last long.

There has been a new craze for carbon fiber. It is strong and lightweight, precisely twelve times lighter than gold! So these are a must-have in your collection. One of our favorite picks is the Rose Gold Stainless Steel Black Solid Carbon Fiber Band Ring. This one is a strong and snazzy pick. You’ll pat yourself on the back for choosing it!

So now that you are enlightened on different styles and varieties of rings, it’s time you add some of them to your collection. You know the place- INOX Jewelry. They have satisfied fashion taste buds for years!

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