January 20, 2022 2 min read

The cross pendant is a very sentimental piece of jewelry. It denotes a belief in the Christian faith. However, despite the perceived symbolism of cross pendants, non-Christians also wear this jewelry. This has triggered discussions on whether wearing a cross pendant means anything or not.

Anyways, that's not the focal point of this article. Instead, this article will discuss the benefits of wearing a cross pendant and how you can style it.

Benefits of Wearing a Cross Pendant

1. Symbol of your Faith

It shows affirmation in your Christian faith. It also indicates acceptance of Christ's sacrifice for the world's salvation. Furthermore, it shows self-acceptance in the sense that Jesus loves and accepts you just as you are.

2. Embodies the Power of Liberty

The cross is synonymous with freedom. Jesus freed the world through his crucifixion. So wearing a cross pendant is an acknowledgment of that saving power. Wearing a cross pendant can be therapeutic for those oppressed or with heavy hearts.

3. Confers a Sense of Belonging

Although the cross is perceived as a Christian symbol, its effect goes beyond religious boundaries. Even non-believers feel a sense of belonging when they wear a cross pendant.

How can you style it?

1. Gold Stainless Steel Religious Cross Pendant with Chain

This gorgeous cross pendant is perfect for everyday wear. You can also wear it to parties and casual events. It's made up of a beautiful cross pendant and a 24-inch chain, all plated with gold ions. Thanks to the flamboyance of gold, this jewelry will add brightness to your appearance.

2. Silver Stainless Steel Skull Cross Charm Pendant

This jewelry draws eyes with its silvery shine, and it sustains attention. It's a hybrid of a cross and a skull pendant. The combination gives it an eccentric look that will earn it multiple glances from onlookers. It is perfect with casual outfits.

Usually, silver is subtle, but this pendant's boldness will definitely put you in the spotlight. One more thing, it's very affordable.

3. Silver Stainless Steel Raised Polish Finished Cross Pendant

This jewelry has a unique look because of its plain and smooth surface. The thickness of the horizontal part of the cross also enhances the uniqueness of its look. However, the real beauty of this piece is its versatility. You can wear it to work, a party, or stay at home. It seamlessly blends in with any setting. An additional perk is its affordability.

4. Blue Stainless Steel Damascus Religious Cross Pendant with Chain

Admittedly, the price tag on this piece is on the high side, but the look is worth it. It's that kind of jewelry you'll look at and still remember years later. No exaggeration! Aside from the blue color of the chain, the cross pendant itself is beautifully patterned with specks of blue and white. It was designed using stainless steel and Damascus steel.

You can wear it indoors or at casual events. The rarity of its look adds mystery and sophistication to your outfit. This is definitely a keeper!

Styles come in varieties, so you have endless possibilities of how to wear a cross pendant. In addition, you can check out the INOX jewelry store for more mind-blowing cross pendants.

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