September 14, 2020 2 min read

If you are a fashion enthusiast who loves to keep up with the latest trends, you'll love these new and exclusive products. If you have a newly found love for fashion and want to start accessorizing, you will drool over these products, too! No, don’t thank us yet, have a look.

Studs for every stunner

Subtle and classy, these Gold Stainless Steel Invisible Setting Look Square CZ Ear studs are an absolute must-have. These aren't too big or too flashy and will suit you just perfectly, whether you are in formal-wear or casual track pants! CZ metal is known for its high-quality, and the gold stainless steel makes it stronger and vibrant. Also, if you have a round face, your ears need to be coupled to square studs!


Bring some good luck and style with the Arrowhead Pendant.

Arrowheads are said to be diverting off negativity and have symbolized good luck for years. Plus, we find them ultra-cool. Don't you? If your answer is a yes, you'll crush over this Gold Stainless Steel Antique Finish with Red Leather Cord Arrowhead Pendant. The design and the notable and extraordinary antique finish make it quirky. Furthermore, the leather cord adds just the right amount of stylish touch to it.

Arrowhead Pendant

Hematite beads are all you need

Did you know hematite is said to have healing powers? They strike off a balance of energy and emotions. The cross and skull add a cool flavor to it. This Black & Gold Stainless Steel with Black Hematite Roberto Arichi Cross & Skull Bead Bracelet is exceptionally amazing. Hematite bracelets are usually suggested to be worn in the left hands. So get some good energy and some limelight from your friends and colleagues with this cool piece.

Hematite Bracelets

Ditch your old bracelet; we have the cooler one for you.

Anchors symbolize stability and strength. This ultra-fine and handsome Black & Silver Stainless Steel Oxidized Finish Anchor Bracelet will communicate your confidence and good vibe in style. The oxidized finish not only makes it corrosion-resistant but also adds a vintage touch, which complements the overall look of the bracelet just right. 

Arrow Bracelet

Nothing like camo designs

Do you love the blending characteristic of camo designs? We've got you covered here as well! With this Camo Silicone 9mm Safety Band Ring, you get your favorite camo design and silicone benefits. Silicone gives good grips and repels sweat and water, so it will not feel slippery. We know that’s how you like it.


All these products are strong, durable and of top-notch quality. Accessories pull your look together and make you stand out from the crowd and so INOX Jewellery has the best in store for you!

Aren't these new products a breath of fresh air? You need to add these to your collection and spice up your lives with variety. Because Jewelry is like Ice-cream, there is always room for more!

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