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    It is essential to wear the correct jewelry with the correct ensemble. It is also crucial for you to understand the size guide.

    Do you remember how that L t-shirt looks so loose when you are an M and spoils your look? Yes, the same goes with inappropriate size jewelry.

    We are here to spill the beans and help you figure out the correct size of chain for yourself.

    Chains For Men

    First, understand that although every human body and physique is different, here's an estimation of where exactly does each chain size falls:

      • Usually, the most common chain size for average size men is 20". This will fall on your collarbone.
      • Naturally, the 22" will fall below a little below the collarbone.
      • The 24" is between the collarbone and the middle of your chest.
      • The 30" chain falls on the middle of your chest, known as the sternum. 

    Chains Size Chart


    Your measurement

    Now that you've understood where each size will follow, you should know your neck measurement. Again, this is not a hard row to hoe.

    As far as the measurement is concerned, you can either use a soft tape for measuring or know that your neck size is usually the same size as that of your shirt collar.

    The general rule is simple: You should wear a chain that's slightly bigger than your neck size.

    The Guide

      • 20"- So, if your neck size is around 18”, you should wear at least a 20" chain. As we mentioned, this is the most preferred size, and this size chain can be worn alone without any pendant gracefully on your shirt/t-shirt, or you can keep it inside.
      • 22"- If you want to complement the chain with a pendant, then this one is going to be your best choice. You can go for religious pendants, dog tags, and other statement-style pendants like skulls.
      • 24"- If you are tall, have a long neck, and also wish to carry pendants, then opt for a 24" chain. It looks cool if you keep it outside your shirt/t-shirt.
      • 30"- This chain is ideal if you wish to create layers and wear multiple chains. Nope, this is not for pendants. You either wear it as is or use it for layering.

    You can have a normal chain and a chain with a pendant for your daily look, formal look, and party-wear look. The layering look is not suitable for formal appearances. It is casual, semi-casual, and party-appropriate.

    Other tips

      • If you are short, long chains will make your upper body look short. So choose a 20"-22" chain.
      • Don't choose a chain that sticks to your neck. That is not advisable for men.
      • Also, consider your outfit for choosing the right-sized chain and whether you want to flaunt it outside or inside.

    At INOX, we have a chain for every look and every size. So whether you want to carry pendants or not, whether you like it sleek or chunky, this is your one-stop-shop for top-notch chains.

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