December 02, 2021 2 min read

The pandemic has changed everything, and that includes weddings. These days the weddings look is a bit different. Not only are the guests limited, but the way the bride and groom prepare their wedding attire has changed, too. Couples have learned to adapt to pre-pandemic normalcy. But you can still look at your best and wear the jewelry that you want. Here are some wedding styles that you can ad to your wedding attire.

Tuxedo and Beaded Bracelets

Most groom wears tuxedo at their wedding. Some people think it is not appropriate to wear a bracelet as the arm is covered. Inox thinks differently. They feel wearing a beaded bracelet can add masculinity to the groom. A Silver Stainless Steel with Blue Cracked Agate Bead Bracelet can make the suit look elegant and classy. The groom has the option to wear it along with his gold watch or separately.


White Shirt and Shorts with Blue Necklace

For a beach or barn wedding theme, the grooms and groomsmen can wear white shirts and khaki shorts and enhance their look with Inox Stainless Steel Denim Fade Collection. It will look simple but elegant. You can complement the necklace with a silver stainless steel raised polish cross pendant. The groom will surely stand out from the crowd as the necklace shines during the ceremony.


Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual

The term semi-formal and dressy were used interchangeably when deciding on the dress code during a wedding. Semi-formal wedding attire for men is a hazy dress code that is slightly less formal. Consider semi-formal attire to be a cross between black-tie and your weekly business casual wardrobe. Opt for a well-tailored suit or a classy blazer and pants combination instead of a tux. A semi-formal attire can be enhanced by Inox Black Stainless Steel Thick Curb Bracelet.


Semi-Formal Wedding Attire for a Daytime Wedding

For daytime weddings, males can wear neutrals and lighter hues as part of their semi-formal wedding attire. Weddings that take place during the day or in the open air are usually more relaxed. Suit pieces are a good choice for these less formal occasions. For example, combine beige pants with a well-fitting patterned chambray blazer.


For a mod vibe, pair it with grey chukkas and a patterned button-down. Micro florals are a stunning choice to wear to a semi-formal wedding and are a men's spring fashion trend for 2021. Putting on a black stainless steel Figaro chain bracelet will complete the look.


It does not matter what you wear. It matters most that you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. You'll look at your best as you celebrate the happy couple as long as your attire follows the preferred wedding dress code.


Inox Jewelry bracelets, rings, necklaces, and pendants collection will complete your look. Trends in weddings come and go, but your particular flair is timeless. You'll need an exceptional ring and chain bracelet that are as distinctive as you. We offer a wide variety of the best quality gold, silver, stainless steel bracelets, rings, necklaces, and pendants in different shapes, settings, and cuts.

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