January 14, 2021 2 min read

We know for so many of you, life is either an adventure or nothing. Normal is overrated, and when things get scary, it fuels your motivation! Well, that is the spirit of life, and we are your biggest admirers!

So, you are bold and confident, and you should communicate that with some cool adventure sporting accessories.

Adventure Collection 

INOX has brought a top-of-the-line collection for the adventurer in you. Have a look:

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Oxidised Finish Gun Metal Distressed Mariner ID Tag Bracelet

Giving some savage vintage feels with that oxidized finish and distressed mariner design, this one is the perfect pick for the men who like it ferocious and ravening! We know when you go out for adventure, you like it comfy! So do not worry about that! This one promises you a snug embrace. Pair it with your casual pieces of denim, comfy t-shirts, sports shoes, and you are good to go!

  1. Black Stainless Steel and Lava Bead Expandable Bracelet

Some of us love traveling because it deepens our connection with nature. So, lava beads are going to be your best friend! These are grounding stones that make your connection with the earth stronger! It keeps you calm. Plus, this bracelet looks uber cool and funky with your sporty wear. It is expandable, so no size problems and comfort galore!

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Oxidized Finish Gun Metal Hammered Arrowhead Pendant

Again, bringing you raw and rugged feels, this iconic pendant has excellent appeal and attention to detail. The arrowhead is a symbol of protection from negative energies and gives you major traveler feels, doesn't it? The hammered finish design makes it even more attractive. Now, go and rock your look.

  1. Gold Stainless Steel with Black Carbon Graphite Bullet Pendant

This graphite bullet pendant highlights your fearless and courageous side in the most uber-cool way and using the most vibrant colors. This one is a head-turner for sure! Your travel buddies will flood you with compliments, we promise!

  1. Black and Silver Stainless Steel Wild Stallion Bottle Opener Ring

Firstly, that wild stallion looks dapper. It stands for freedom, travel, and stamina! Furthermore, it is cool to have a ring that can open your cocktail or mocktail bottles! This ring makes you 'the dude' of the gang! It pulls off your funky look like a pro!

  1. Gold, Black, And Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Vintage Anchor with Compass Signet Ring

This artistic piece has vintage looks, anchor design at the sides, and a compass at the center giving you major wanderer feels and goals. Also, we know you are in the right direction if you are clicking on the buy now!

All our accessories are suitable for tropical climates and do not tarnish. On top of it, these are hypoallergenic, so you do not have to worry about sensitive skin.

The shortest horror story we know is SOLD OUT! So, get your favorites right away and plan that new adventure trip soon to show off that cool collection!

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