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The Tiger Eye is a semi-precious stone that is also known as the "shapeshifter." A lot of magical properties are attributed to this very popular gemstone. People believe that this gem can be a life-changer to its owner, and with it, everyone can fulfill their ambitions.

Some of you may not believe this but like it because of its natural beauty. A believer in the supernatural or not, once you put this stone on you, you’ll love it. You can wear a Tiger’s Eye bracelet or some other jewelry.

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Tiger's Eye Meaning

Each color has a different meaning and is believed to have different healing properties. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Blue Tiger Eye

It is believed that wearing jewelry that contains blue tiger eyes makes us somewhat more outgoing and positive while our aura is strengthened along with our convictions and courage.

Yellow Tiger Eye

Indians consider the yellow Tiger eye a sacred stone, which symbolizes prestige, and protects them from mental and physical illnesses. At the same time, it is believed to ignite courage.

Red Tiger Eye

Red symbolizes courage and enthusiasm. By wearing red tiger eye stones, you become more equipped to deal with your own weaknesses like indecisiveness. Another belief is that the red tiger eye stone represents a potent life force that helps you become a better and stronger version of yourself.

Tiger Eye Metaphysical Properties

The most common belief is that the Tiger's eye is powerful to protect its wearer from all sorts of calamities. Happiness and peace are said to follow the wearer of a tiger’s eye stone. Apart from that, it is believed that this gem can also keep your mind calm, enhance the wearer’s creativity, and help them stay focused.

Because of those reasons, the demand for this gemstone is always considerable. Many people even attribute their business and personal success to their tiger eye jewelry. Some are so obsessed that they believe that not wearing it would bring them bad luck and misfortune. Warding off evil spirits is also something that has been attributed to the Tiger's eye gemstone.

Tiger Eye Chakra

The Tiger eye gemstone is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Because of that, it is believed that the wearer can expect positive effects on its metabolism, digestive system, prevent colds, and improving osteoporosis.

Tiger Eye Jewelry 

Unlike people, you shouldn’t just keep the tiger stone in their pocket. Instead, you can opt for some tiger eye jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. That way, you get to enjoy the protection offered by the Tiger Eye and look nice in the process. It looks so good that one can wear it on both formal occasions and festivities, as well as casually.

To Wrap Up

The Tiger's eye gemstone has been beautiful, elegant, and appreciated since a long time ago. Even today, most of its appeal hasn't vanished. Buying one can be an absolute delight, and we hope that through this article, you've learned a thing or two about it. If nothing else, you know that Tiger’s eye jewelry can be the perfect gift for someone you deeply care about.

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