December 23, 2021 2 min read

Men’s bracelets can be worn alone or with added accessories. If you know how to style your bracelet, you will surely stand out in the crowd. Below are some tips on how to create a distinct look for your bracelet. So, let’s check out some elegant bracelets for you.

Mix and Match Thick and Thin Bracelets

Silver Stainless Steel Matte Finish Large Double Chain Finish is perfect for those living in areas with tropical climates as it does not tarnish. Styling this bracelet is pretty simple. Do not be afraid to mix and match if you are wearing bracelets on both wrists. Just make sure the bracelets you choose will complement each other. Some bracelets don’t work together and will look bad on you.

Do not Combine Metals

Although mixing and matching is a good idea, it does not work well with metals. Be careful when mixing different types of metals if you decide to wear multiple bracelets. For example, a Large Chain Colossi Z-Link stainless steel with a matte finish may look good on you and in combination with others. But combining it with platinum and rose gold are not complimentary or not intended to go together.

Casual Style

A bulky but comfortable Silver Stainless Steel Matte Skull Clasp Detail bracelet can make you look good. It provides a unique subtle look. This bracelet will add masculinity to the wearer. You can match the bracelet with a bold ring with a black finish. It shows fashion and an intense look which men would love to display.

Keep it Simple

Gone are the days when wearing more jewelry was the norm. These days jewelry is worn as simply as possible. For example, this Silver Stainless Steel Diamond Cut Link Chain Bracelet shines on its own. However, if you want to look bolder, you can combine it with others. Just make sure it is not too heavy or distracting. If you are wearing a wedding ring and a watch, on the one hand, you can add a thin cord or metal to where your bracelet is.

Adding Charms to your Curb Chain Link Bracelet

You can add unique charms to your Gold & Silver Stainless Steel Detailed Curb Chain Link Bracelet. There are lots of lucky symbols that can bring good fortune, luck and ward off evil. It does not matter if you believe in these or not. It is still an excellent add-on to your chain link bracelet. For example, you can add a horseshoe for a manly charm, but make sure it is made of material to complement your bracelet. But if you think adding a charm to your detailed bracelet is too much, then you can choose to wear it alone.


We offer a lot of ideas for styling your thick bracelets and other jewelry. Wearing a bracelet these days is not as dull as in the past. You can mix and match different kinds of bracelets, or you can add charms to it to make it look good on you and fit the occasion. So snap out from the traditional way of wearing your bracelets and try the latest trends suggested by the experts.

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