November 04, 2021 2 min read

A pendant is one of the most practical accessories you can wear every day, along with your outfit. It can easily draw attention. Unlike earrings, you can switch them out whenever you want. This jewelry won’t distract your work environment.

We have listed below six must-have pendants from our new collection for you. These pendants are simple but elegant that will complement any outfit in your wardrobe, any time of the day.

1. Cross White CZ Silver Stainless Steel Memorial Religious Pendant with Silver Chain

The design of this pendant is quite unique. The cross is made of silver stainless steel and with precious stones engraved in a small tube-like cylinder. It comes with a silver chain to match your pendant. This pendant is perfect for everyday use, day or night.

2. Crocodile Black and Silver Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant with Silver Chain

If you want to be the center of attraction at a party and attract girls, you can wear this black and silver stainless steel crocodile pattern dog tag pendant. This dog tag is available in two colors- gray and black. The pendant adds masculinity to your overall look.

3. Jesus Christ Crucifix Religious Cross Gold CZ Accented Stainless Steel Black Pendant with Gold Chain

Who would not love this Jesus Christ Crucifix gold stainless steel black CZ highlighted pendant? This pendant can be worn not just by Catholic men but also by others who want to show their devotion to Jesus Christ. The black stones on the cross are one of the reasons you should have this rare jewelry. In addition, the pendant comes with a gold stainless steel chain perfect for everyday use and during parties and special occasions.

4. Gothic Cross Gold Stainless Steel Memorial Pendant with Gold Chain

This great-looking gold gothic cross stainless steel memorial religious pendant with a gold chain is an excellent addition to your jewelry collection. The pendant can be removed and replaced in two ways. One is by removing the entire pendant, including the ring attached to the necklace, or you can unscrew the cross leaving the ring holding the cross in the pendant.

5. Memorial Bullet Gold Stainless Steel Pendant with Gold Chain

This memorial bullet pendant with a chain is designed so you can carry a small remembrance of your loved one wherever you go. In addition, the bullet pendant will serve as a locket for cremation ashes that comes with a gold chain. This stainless steel jewelry has undergone an ion plating process.

6. CZ Celtic Sword Black Stainless Steel Pendant with Black Chain

This INOX Celtic sword pendant is made of stainless steel, highly polished and adds radiance to a kingly and perfect look. The sword pendant gives sophistication and elegance to your look with this lovely Celtics sword with a 3-dimensional wings pendant necklace. At the center of the sword is a unique design carved carefully that will leave everyone attracted.

You can check out if you want to see more. Every pendant comes with a chain to complete your necklace.

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