October 14, 2021 2 min read

Some people are open to new ideas, new concepts, and new forms of art. Rubber jewelry is highly popular among the folks that are part of the arts community, as well as with folks with hands-on jobs. People find it quite practical to wear rubber inlaid jewelry because it feels somewhat more comfortable than classic jewelry. The modern aesthetics of it are the second side of the same coin.

Here are some attention-grabbing jewelry products to gain a better picture of rubber inlaid jewelry.

1. Silver Titanium & Black Rubber Stripe Band Ring

The two most common terms used to describe this ring are stylish and simple. The black rubber stripes are perfectly fitted in the titanium. Not only that it looks amazing, but it is very comfortable to wear as well. Even super-active people seem pleased with how it fits and how it holds under different circumstances.

2. Silver Stainless Steel 2mm Black Rubber Chain

One way to stand out at any party is to have this bad boy on you. It is one of those jewelry pieces that speak about your individuality and your openness to the modern. Plus, it is non-toxic and lead-free, which means you get to keep both your allergies and sensitive skin at bay.

3. Gold Stainless Steel with Black Rubber Detail Ring

No one knew that gold and rubber could look like a match made in heaven. Well, this one-of-a-kind ring is proof of that. The gold speaks about your personal wealth, whereas the black rubber tells about another side of yours, which is open to new ideas and wants to break away from the traditional. Moreover, in the process of making the ring, the makers used an advanced surface finishing technique which only speaks to its excellence and overall quality.

4. Silver & Black Stainless Steel Bead with Rubber Cable Chain

Individuals with their non-conformist nature prefer to wear something like this. The black rubber and the stainless steel beads simply flow into each other and reveal an awesome industrial look. Another great thing about it is that it will never tarnish, nor will it ever oxidize, which is great if you live in a country with a tropical climate. The barrel clasp closure is also quite the match to this hypoallergenic, lead-free cable chain.

5. Brown Stainless Steel Black Rubber Roberto Arichi Collection Bracelet

Black rubber and brown steel make one hell of a combo, and this piece of jewelry makes that a fact. One of the main reasons why it looks so damn good is because of the ion plating process. This is the most advanced surface finishing technique by far. In addition, there is no lead in the bracelet, and it is non-toxic. That means you can wear it with pride and not worry that it will trigger your allergy or it will affect your skin in any way, even if you have super-sensitive skin.

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