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If you really want to look like a rockstar, pay attention to the following:

    • Opt for dark or bright color clothes.
    • Get a cool haircut. Something that suits you and not because someone you admire got it!
    • Complement your look with the right accessories- bold, savage and statement jewelry.
    • Wear your smile, confidence and a free-spirited attitude. It has to come from within. So you won't look like a poseur.

As far as the accessories are concerned, INOX has a complete rockstar collection with carefully selected pieces to help you nail that look.

Jewelry for men

Have a look at the following:

  1. Silver and Black Stainless Steel Bead with Rubber Cable Chain

That oval shaped rubber cable chain with those stainless steel beads make up for a ravening combination to highlight your savage side in style. It calls for attention and roars about your distinctive personality so smoothly. Pair it up with a black jacket, rugged denims, boots and a good pair of glasses and watch people drool!

  1. 4-in-1 Dual tone Stainless Steel Mix and Match Taurus Pendant and Chain

The first best thing about this pendant is that you can wear it in four different ways. Just silver, just gold or mix and match. You decide. Next, the eye-for-detail in this pendant speaks volume about the dedicated craftsmanship. Taurus stands for resilience, ambitiousness and love for luxury. So this lavish and stylish looking jewelry piece will tell the world you don't settle for less.

  1. Black and Silver Stainless Steel Bulldog Bottle Opener Ring

Bulldog is symbolic of boldness and determination. This flawless bottle opener ring featuring the bulldog design on a black base is a stunningly amazing piece communicating your wild and untamed side. Undoubtedly it looks strikingly exclusive. So if you are an unstoppable man, say it with this ring.

  1. Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Winged Skeleton Biker Bracelet

What is better than a winged skeleton biker bracelet to showcase your carefree and happy-go-lucky side? The darkened silver stainless steel gives a shady effect and also complements the strong and sturdy side of yours.

  1. Black Stainless Steel 4mm Bold Round Rolo Box Link Chain

Bold black chains are the first pieces of accessory to give impressions of your undaunted side like a boss. Rolo box chains are strong and are loved for their brawny looks. Your muscular build needs something exactly like this. The neat and glossy finish makes it a perfect party wear accessory where you wish to be the rockstar of the evening.

  1. Black and Silver Stainless Steel Two Layer Striped Cross Pendant

Cross pendants have always been popular amongst celebrities and rockstars. So if you are confused where to start from, this one is an evergreen choice. The stripe pattern makes it eye-catching, appealing and a charmer.

 Premium Jewelry For Men

It is said that if you look and act like a rockstar you will be treated like one. So make sure the look is on point. There's much more to the collection. You can always count on INOX Jewelry for any kind of look you want to ace.

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