July 08, 2021 2 min read

Do you avoid buying men's jewelry because you are unsure about the basics of matching?

Do you need some extra help to clear the air about pulling off those bracelets and rings?

Are you a little shy about asking for some cool fashion advice?

Say no more. We are here to enlighten you about the secrets of matching men's jewelry like a pro. Here’s your style guide:

Jewelry for men

Matching jewelry with skin tone

We underestimate the impact of something as little as matching the jewelry with our skin tone. It multiplies the grace with which we carry those pieces.

    • So if you have that light-hued skin tone, the white and bright are for you. Silver and silver stainless steel, platinum, white gold, titanium are all for you.
    • The tan and warm skin tones carry gold, rose gold, and copper shades like a stunner.
    • The neutral skin tones have an option to choose from both.


Do not ignore the Physique

    • If you are that tall guy with big broad muscles, chunky bracelets, rings, statement necklaces, stacking tricks are for you.
    • The slender necks and wrists carry sleek and lightweight jewelry pieces gracefully.


The art of matching metals

The way you match your metals speaks volumes about your fashion tastefulness. So avoid making the blunder of wearing different metals.

If your watch is made up of stainless steel, complement it with a stainless steel ring or bracelet.

Bonus tip: Do not overdo. Know the proportions well.

What does that occasion demand?

Last but not least, you should know what jewelry is to be worn at what place.

    • Sophisticated and genteel jewelry is for formal places and outfits. Do not go flashy here.
    • Gyms and sporty, adventurous trips demand cool comfy wear. For example, plain and dashing silicone rings.
    • If you are going to some rock concert or party, match your outfit with some cool statement jewelry. Skull bracelets, animal rings, etc., will be your best companions in such a case.
    • Ethnic wear can be matched with flashy and colorful jewelry. Those big cuff kadas will do!


Other Hacks

    • If you are wearing something printed or something with too much embroidery, the jewelry should be simple and royal.
    • For the summer and spring seasons, go more with cool colors of gemstones.
    • If you only want your face to be highlighted, choose a good pair of studs. This has to be according to your face cut. As in square studs for round and oval faces and round earrings for oblong faces.
    • If you are carrying statement jewelry, make sure you understand the meaning associated with it. This jewelry speaks about you. So match it to your personality first.


At Inox Jewelry, we have handpicked pieces for all skin tones, Physique, and any look and personality that you want to pull off. Shop your favorite look right away.

Apart from these jewelry matching hacks, you are always supposed to remember one timeless piece of advice.

Wear that damn jewelry with a smile and confidence!

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