June 16, 2022 2 min read

It's common knowledge that weather conditions influence what we wear. Whether it's your clothes or accessories, there's a suitable choice for various weather conditions. Warm or cold, dry or rainy, there are different options for every kind of weather.

As we're approaching the full monsoon season, our primary concern should be how to wear what's appropriate for the weather while appearing fashionable at the same time. This also resonates with jewelry lovers. What jewelry pieces should I rock this monsoon season? You're in luck! We've narrowed down your options. Let's take a look.

Simple Pendants

The trick is to keep it simple with your accessories. Subtle-looking pendants are great for the monsoon season. Luckily, even minimalist jewelry can look stylish if you wear it right. For pendant lovers, our recommendations for the monsoon season include Silver Stainless Steel Wheel Pendant and Silver Stainless Steel Italian Horn Pendant & Chain.

Silver stainless steel has a subtle look; that's why we recommend it. Other alloys, such as Gold, are not so subtle. Silver stainless steel pendants are evergreen, and they don't fade with trends because they have a classic look.


Rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. Just as there are suitable rings for dry weather, there are also rings for the monsoon season. Moisture and humidity are typical of monsoon seasons. So it will help if you go for a ring that won't slip off your finger when it gets wet. Also, go for rust-proof rings.

Our first-choice ring recommendations for the monsoon season include Silver Stainless Steel Grooved Band and other stainless steel rings that appeal to you. The brushed surface of the grooved band doesn't tarnish, and the ring has a stunning look. An alternative recommendation for those who aren't into stainless steel rings is silicone rings like Black Silicone 9mm Band.


What works for stud fashion during dry seasons can also work during monsoon seasons. You can go for colorful studs that accentuate your face and enhance its appeal. You can also go for stainless steel studs. Numerous studs can highlight your facial features. We recommend Six-Prong Silver Stainless Steel & Black CZ Solitaire Studs. If you want something more colorful or vibrant, go for Six-Prong Gold Stainless Steel & Black CZ Solitaire Studs.


The last thing you need is to wear the wrong kind of bracelets during the monsoon season. Imagine wearing a wooden bracelet on your wrist, and it gets wet. It can make you uncomfortable because wood retains moisture. So we recommend going for metallic or bead bracelets. They are more comfortable during the monsoon season because they don't retain moisture.

Our recommendations include Gray Bead & Black Hematite Bracelet and Silver Stainless Steel Motorbike Chain Bracelet. They are light and comfortable, which is perfect for the monsoon season. Lava beads such as Black Stainless Steel & Lava Bead Bracelet are among the best options for the monsoon season.

To Sum Up

If you want to go for a statement jewelry piece, it should be one at most. Over-accessorising during the monsoon season is a no-no. The hack is to keep your fashion choices subtle yet stunning to play it safe.

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