October 06, 2022 2 min read

When it comes to jewelry, men do not like to keep switching options often like women. They'd like to buy something classy, evergreen, and versatile. It is even better if they find something that goes well with their formal, casual, and traditional attires.

Well, it seems like the style gods have heard you. We have curated top five all-rounder rings from INOX that will complement all your looks and outfits well.

Silver Titanium & Black Rubber Stripe Band Ring

This is a no-bling, sleek, two-toned ring with finesse. The black stripes on silver titanium add a magnetic appeal to the design.

Titanium rings are durable and the most biocompatible. They won’t harm even super-sensitive skins. So, you can carry it comfortably every day, even in humid weather.

It’ll perfectly go along with all your ensembles because of the color scheme and stylish look.

Silver Stainless Steel 6mm Polish Finish White CZ Channel Set Band Ring

Our next all-purpose ring has a magnificent and glossy touch and will handle everyday wear and tear with grace. Thanks to the stainless-steel body.

So, no compromise on durability and comfort and lots of vibrancy and sophistication to offer.

You won't even have to look for party-wear options because it already exudes the much-needed charm.

18K Gold Ion-Plated Damascus Steel 7mm Matte Band Ring

Damascus satisfies the urge to wear something more masculine, royal, and distinctive. It has an eye-catching wavy pattern, and the gold ion plating makes it even more imposing.

It has been called the warrior's metal since historical times, and men all over the world are fond of it even today.

If you want something sturdy, resistant, and out of the ordinary, go for this one.

The tone and design will never look out of place with any of your outfit combinations.

Black and Rose Gold Stainless Steel Solid Carbon Fiber Inlaid Thin Lines Band Ring

Will it compliment your work wear? Yes. Passes the daily casual use test? Undoubtedly. Suitable for a party? You bet!

This ring is a hot combination of black and rose gold. Evergreen and dapper colors that you can carry with grace every day or on special occasions. Carbon fiber will stand all the exposure, making this ring a comfortable choice.

Tan Silicone 9mm Double-lined Safety Band Ring

Silicone rings will check all the boxes if you are looking for a go-to funky, durable, and pocket-friendly all-rounder.

The tan shade in this silicone ring gives a neutral tone and can be worn with any color combination. Lightweight and high-performance, this one is a great pick with a contemporary design.

All these rings are certified lead-free and safe for allergy-prone or sensitive skin. These will not oxidize or tarnish and are easy to maintain.

We have a variety of other aesthetic designs as well. You can check out the complete range. But we are sure these curated pieces will stand true to your requirements, and you'll crush over the high-grade material and style.

If you have any doubts about the sizing, you can contact support services.

Happy shopping.

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