August 03, 2023 2 min read

The allure of Hematite beads is rooted in the beautiful depth of their silvery, metallic sheen and the folklore surrounding their calming and grounding properties. In the jewelry world, these beads symbolize balance, often associated with healing and grounding energies. The latest Hematite bead bracelets from INOX Jewelry transcend the ordinary, blending this natural mystique with artful designs that redefine modern fashion.

Here's a look at some of the new, cool hematite bead bracelets from our store that are creating waves in the fashion industry.

Silver with Gray Hematite Stone Bead Bracelet

Starting with the silver with gray hematite stone bead bracelet, INOX impresses with its knack for innovative design. This bracelet marries the rustic charm of gray Hematite stone beads with a darkened silver finish. The intertwined design makes for a truly captivating piece of jewelry, bringing a certain complexity and depth to the aesthetic. Moreover, its stackable nature provides room for individual creativity, allowing you to pair it with other pieces and express your personal style.

Silver Hematite Bead and Gold Brass Block Bracelet

Next, the silver hematite and gold brass block bracelet offers an intriguing mix of the old and the new. Gold-toned antique brass blocks are placed amidst silver Hematite beads, creating a pleasing visual contrast. The antique brass blocks add a distinct vintage vibe that beautifully juxtaposes the modern feel of Hematite. Notably, the expandable nature of the bracelet ensures a comfortable fit for every wrist, making this piece as versatile as it is elegant.

Gold Hematite Bead and Silver Antique Brass Bracelet

The gold hematite bead and silver antique brass bracelet is another exquisite piece in the collection. It masterfully reverses the color scheme of its gold counterpart, featuring silver antique brass blocks and gold Hematite beads. This bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a conversation starter. Its unique blend of materials and colors makes it an eye-catching piece that can easily elevate any ensemble.

Gold & Black Hematite Beads Bracelet

For those who prefer a minimalist approach, the gold & black hematite beads bracelet. It has a hinged steel hook clasp which makes it perfect. It comprises black and gold Hematite beads, exuding a serene elegance that effortlessly balances simplicity with sophistication. The hinged steel hook clasp secures the bracelet on your wrist and adds a subtle touch of modern industrial design. This piece proves that Hematite bead bracelets can indeed be a testament to the mantra, "Less is more."


Hematite bead bracelets continue to impress with their timeless appeal. However, INOX elevates this time-honored trend by blending traditional elements with contemporary design. The darkened silver, antique brass blocks, and minimalist black and gold Hematite bead bracelet showcase the brand's creativity and attention to detail. Whether you're drawn to vintage-inspired designs or prefer minimalist elegance, these Hematite bead bracelets offer many choices to express your individuality and style. Each piece is not just a bracelet but an embodiment of harmony and balance — true to the spirit of Hematite itself.

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