August 04, 2022 2 min read

Earth stones have strong properties that keep you grounded and keep your aura safe in the physical world. Many of the things you do every day have the potential to shake you up.

Being very ungrounded can happen if you spend a lot of time on a computer, drive around in your car, and don't have much contact with the earth.

With the way most people live their lives today and the use of high-energy crystals for spiritual work, it's easy to lose your sense of reality. INOX Jewelry offers three horn stones that can give you the strength and energy you need in your everyday life.

1. Lapis Lazuli Stone Horn Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain

The ancient Egyptians interpreted the stone as a representation of the night sky, whereas the ancient Sumerians believed it was the dwelling place of the spirits of their gods. Since the beginning of time, the stone lapis lazuli has been associated with virtues such as bravery and courage, as well as enlightenment, truth, and royalty. If you wear a silver stainless steel chain with a Lapis Lazuli stone horn pendant, you will look more attractive and feel more energized, courageous, and intelligent, just as people did in the past.

2. Black Agate Stone Horn Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain

Black Agate is said to bestow wealth, success in athletic endeavors, and courage upon its owner. It is worn as a talisman to instill bravery and self-assurance in its wearer. This earth stone also connects the physical and spiritual worlds and ensures that the wearer remains grounded in the real world.

If someone is looking to get out of a tough financial situation, black Agate is the stone to go to. It might help people find ways to prosper and overcome their situation. When someone wears Black Agate, it makes them feel calm. For peace of mind, it must be worn.

The black agate stone horn pendant with a silver stainless steel chain will surely provide the calmness you want from this earth stone. It may also give you wealth, just like experts on earth stone would say.

3. Tiger Eye Stone Horn Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain

The Tiger Eye stone is linked to both the root and sacral chakra. It has a lot of wonderful healing properties and benefits that help to balance both physical and emotional health at once. The Tiger's Eye is more than just a pretty stone. It is a reminder to tap into inner strength, stand a little taller, and stop sabotaging oneself because all the needed light and love are already inside. Tiger's Eye brings out your beautiful self-confidence, so you don't have to hide.

The tiger eye stone has physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties. According to earth stone experts, wearing tiger eye stone can help balance your endocrine system, clear negative energy, boost your confidence and self-value, clean the root chakra, and improves psychic skills. Flaunt your earth stone with a tiger eye stone horn pendant with a stainless steel chain.

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