October 05, 2023 3 min read

Jewelry is more than just an accessory; rather, it is a reflection of an individual's own personality, character, and sense of self-expression. INOX Jewelry is a well-known brand in the realm of men's jewelry, and they have a variety of chains available made of stainless steel. These chains are not only a demonstration of fashion but also exemplify durability, which makes them an excellent option for day-to-day wear because of their combined qualities. Let's have a look at five classic chains offered by INOX Jewelry that have stood the test of time and that every guy should consider adding to his collection.

Stainless Steel Black IP Figaro Chain with Lobster Clasp Necklace

Jewelry connoisseurs have always shown a strong preference for the Figaro chain, which is characterized by a unique arrangement of links of varying widths. This specific chain is crafted by INOX Jewelry and features a contemporary black IP finish, which gives an otherwise traditional design a dash of modern flair. The lobster clasp not only assures a snug fit but also enhances the chain's overall beauty. Both of these benefits come from the lobster clasp.

Matte Finish Black IP Stainless Steel Spiga Chain Necklace

The Spiga, also known as the wheat chain, is famous for having intricate links that are firmly woven together and resemble the tips of a wheat stalk. Those who have a keen appreciation for precise craftsmanship and an eye for minute details will find this chain with a 5mm matte finish, which features a one-of-a-kind black IP finish, to be the ideal accessory.

High Polished Finish Stainless Steel Spiga Chain Necklace

Another variation in the Spiga line, this chain has a highly polished surface that captures and reflects light in a way that is captivating. It is a demonstration of INOX Jewelry's commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and forward-thinking design.

Silver Stainless Steel Franco Link Chain

The Franco link chain, distinguished by its links' distinctive V-shaped configuration, is a combination of sturdiness and refinement. This 4mm silver stainless steel version is versatile, making it suited for both casual outings and formal events. Stainless steel is a material that resists corrosion.

18K Gold Ion Plated Stainless Steel Bold Box Chain

Box chains are renowned for having designs that are uncomplicated yet fascinating. Because each link in this chain looks like a little box, the chain got its name from that feature. This chain, which has been ion plated with 18K gold, emanates richness and sophistication, which is why it is an essential component of any jewelry collection.


The collection of stainless steel chains offered by INOX Jewelry strikes a balance between classic and modern styles in their design. Each link in the chain exemplifies quality, durability, and sophistication thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship that went into its creation. INOX Jewelry has a variety of solutions that are suitable for every style preference, so whether you are looking for an item to wear every day or a statement piece to wear on special occasions, you can find what you need here. If you choose to wear one of these classic chains, you will not only have a look that is on the cutting edge of fashion, but you will also have a cherished piece that will last over the years.

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